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Juice Head Salts Review

Juice Head Salts

Juice Head Salts Review

Juice Head Salts are manufactured by California-based Juice Head e-Liquids. This unique salt line has only 6 flavors to choose from, unlike many of its competitors. However, all six nic salt flavors in the Juice Head Salts line are true top selling vape flavors. Each flavor combines two different fruit vape flavors for the perfect all day vape. All Juice Head Salts are blended specifically to be used with vape pod systems.


  • Blueberry Lemon
  • Guava Peach
  • Watermelon Lime
  • Peach Pear
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Pineapple Grapefruit

E-liquid contents: 30mL

Nicotine Strengths: 25mg and 50mg

VG/PG Mix: 60% VG and 40% PG.


It’s just juice so unboxing was pretty much what you’d expect.  In the box was a bottle of juice.  To get the lid off the bottle, push down on the cap hard (toward the bottle) and turn the cap counterclockwise to open.

The juice smells lovely and gives you good idea what the juice will taste like.  If you get a good whiff of it you can easily tell if it is a flavor you will like.


Juice Head E-Liquid Top Selling Flavors

   #1 Blueberry Lemon           #2 Guava Peach          #3 Watermelon Lime          #4 Peach Pear

Even though Juice Head only has six flavors, they are six well thought out flavors that are pleasing to vape and tend to sell incredibly fast.

How it Hits

The juice hits well.  It is less powerful hitting and less flavorful than some other brands.  There were a few advantages to having this in my juice bar.  I was able to take both mouth to lung hits (MTL), and by letting a little air from the sides of my mouth could do a device to lung hit (DTL).   This juice has less of a throat hit than other salts so my DTL hits are effortless.

For doing DTL hits this salt is perfect.  It is not overly sweet or juicy.  For all-day vaping it is ideal.  I didn’t get vape tongue after going through six pods in one day for this review.  My other salts are so powerful that I often must give vaping a break when I invariably get vape tongue after vaping it a few days straight.  During this time, I usually switch to a nicotine gum or pouch to give my vape tongue a rest.

I was able to switch to Juice Head juices from my other brands to give my vape tongue a rest.  Two days on Juice Head and my vape tongue was gone, and I didn’t have to stop vaping for two days.



Juice Head Blueberry Lemon

This is my “go to” Juice Head Favor.   I am not a big fan of fruit mixed with mint even though it is very common these days to combine them.  This blueberry lemon tastes like lemons and blueberries without the icy after taste of mint or menthol.  I didn’t care as much for the fact that it produced less flavor when hitting it mouth to lung (MTL), but when I hit directly from my device to lung (DTL) it was the perfect strength and flavor.

Sometimes when trying new flavors, you must develop a taste for the blend, or it tastes 80% as good as you hoped it would, so you settle.  There is no settling with this flavor.  It tastes like blueberries and lemon.  I liked it from the first time I hit it to the last drop in the bottle.  I smoked it DTL all day long and enjoyed it immensely.


Juice Head Peach Pear

The flavor is less “in your face” than some other peach brands.  It was nice to have on hand when my “go to” flavors are gone.  It reminds me of a light fruit flavored watermelon, reminiscent of peach/pear like the label suggests.  It is a nice fruity flavor markedly different from their other fruity offerings.  It is great for DTL hits.  The same flavor that is too restrained for my taste when taking a MTD hit is in fact the perfect strength and flavor profile for a DTL hit.

Many of these fruit flavors go overboard and you can taste a bit of chemical or unnatural flavor with the fruit on the exhale.  This is not the case with Juice Head’s Peach Pear or any of their fruit flavors.  Peach Pear has a nice taste on the inhale and (as importantly) maintains its flavor profile on the exhale.  I can literally vape these all day and not feel like it is too much.


Juice Head Watermelon Lime

I can taste the watermelon and the lime.  Again, the flavor is not too intense or too sweet like many brands.  It tastes like watermelon and lime is supposed to taste on the inhale and on the exhale.

True to form for Juice Head, the flavor is understated in the first few hits if you are coming off one of the intense flavored juices but tastes good (if not powerful) like fruit without the ice flavor added or weird aftertaste.  The watermelon part tastes like a sweet fruit (maybe not watermelon exactly) but a good sweet-smelling fruit with an aftertaste of lime.


Juice Head Guava Peach

This flavor reminds me more of the harder hitting flavors.  It is a little sweet and gives a decent hit.  With a name like Guava Peach I would expect it to be sweet.  It does not disappoint.  The exhale is less what I would call chalky tasting than some of their other flavors on the exhale.  This flavor is sweet and strong much like the other eJuices, but without any icy, minty, mentholated juice to change the flavor.


Juice Head Strawberry Kiwi

This juice is heavy on the kiwi, light on the strawberry.  My favorite flavors are strawberry cream liquids, so I was surprised to not taste the strawberry as strongly in this juice.   If you like kiwi or melon flavor with undertones of strawberry, then this juice will appeal to you. It is strong kiwi with slight undertones of strawberry.  If someone told me this was a melon flavored juice I would have believed them and enjoyed it as a melon juice.

As with the other Juice Head flavors the taste is good and fruity, but not overwhelming.  In my book it is superior for DTL hits.  It gives me the “expand” feeling in my lungs, a good feeling nicotine hit and a perfect exhale as a DTL hit.  As a mouth to device (MTL) hit I found the juice less enjoyable than as a DTL juice because the flavor hits are not as vivid as some other brands of salts for mouth hits.

In Summary

During this review, I found Juice Head salts to be the perfect juice for big DTL hits through my AIO device.  It is not overly sweet, and the flavors are fruity goodness without too much mint or menthol added to enhance the flavors.  Hiding the flavor under “icy” does not make for a better tasting juice vape as Juice Head has discovered.  In certain situations, like having vape tongue, wanting to hit DTL, or just a break from overly minty fruit flavors, this would be my “go to” E-Liquid.

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