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Jet Cigs Review

I am continually surprised by the way in which e-cigarette companies have competed with one another to bring down the price point of the standard e-cigarette kit. When I first switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you couldn’t find a starter kit for under $100 — and even at that price, you’d still be using Chinese-made e-liquids. Today, you can find a number of “Express Kits” for around $25, but most of these kits still include Chinese e-liquids and only one battery. Now, however, there seems to be a new contender. In this Jet Cigs review, I’ll be discussing the newest e-cigarette I’ve discovered, which features two batteries and USA-made refill cartridges for under $30. Apparently, it is still possible to offer smokers more for less!

Jet Cigs review 2015 update: the Jet Cigs website has been taken offline and the company’s ownership has given no word as to whether this e-cigarette might be available again in the future. If you’re still shopping for your first e-cigarette, take a look at my recommendation for the best e-cigarette for beginners.

Links removed from this article as Jet Cigs is no longer doing business.

Jet Cigs Review

About Jet Cigs

Although Jet Cigs was founded in 2011, it wasn’t until 2012 that their product line really began to gel, catapulting Jet Cigs into the public eye. The Jet Cigs flavor selection now includes 11 distinct refill flavors, all made in the United States, and the Jet Cigs e-cigarette is powered by the industry standard 510 battery. If you already own a Blu E-Cigarette, a Volcano Magma or a Halo Element, for instance, you can purchase Jet Cigs cartridges and use them with your existing battery. In addition, Jet Cigs covers its batteries and USB charger under a one-year warranty.

Fully assembled, the Jet Cigs e-cigarette is a little bit larger than a real cigarette. If you’re shopping for your first e-cigarette, you might have noticed that some companies offer e-cigarettes with slightly smaller batteries and refill cartridges. However, these smaller e-cigarettes hold less e-liquid and generally produce only around 40 puffs per battery charge. You can expect to get around 80-90 puffs per charge out of the Jet Cigs battery, however, which is more than enough time to use one battery while the other is charging. If you need additional batteries, they’re available for $9.99 each.

Jet Cigs Review

Reviewing the Jet Cigs e-cigarette, I was first struck by how unique and unusual all of their e-liquid flavors tasted. I have tried more e-cigarettes and e-liquids than I could possibly name, and Jet Cigs seems to have an approach to designing e-liquid flavors that’s completely unlike that of any other company. Even the fruity flavors seem to have a little bit of tobacco taste way in the background, which is great news for new switchers. No matter which flavor you start with, it won’t taste too foreign compared to the cigarettes you’re accustomed to.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, I find the Perique Tobacco, Menthol Frost and Sweet Passion flavors to be the best in the Jet Cigs lineup. Passionfruit e-liquids are still rare in the e-cigarette industry, and Jet Cigs has done theirs particularly well. As for the Perique Tobacco and Menthol Frost e-liquids, both use a similar tasting tobacco base, while the Menthol Frost adds a menthol-infused peppermint flavor. Don’t be alarmed by the picture of a pipe on the Perique Tobacco box; the flavor is a bit more like that of Turkish tobacco than pipe tobacco. It’s perfect for cigarette smokers.

Heavier smokers will be glad to know that Jet Cigs refill cartridges are available at an extra high nicotine level of 22 mg. Many e-cigarette companies don’t sell cartridges at strengths higher than 16 mg, which might not be enough for long-term smokers. For less frequent smokers, nicotine strengths of 11 and 0 mg are also available. I wrote this Jet Cigs review using 22 mg refill cartridges and I can definitely confirm that they packed more than enough of a punch for me. In addition, the volume of vapor produced by the Jet Cigs e-cigarette was more than impressive for a unit of its size.

Overall, Jet Cigs has a package that absolutely merits your consideration if you’re trying e-cigarettes for the first time. At the sub-$30 price point, you’ll have difficulty finding any other company that offers a starter kit with two batteries and USA-made e-liquids. The excellent performance of the Jet Cigs e-cigarette and uniqueness of Jet’s refill flavors only make their product more compelling.

Jet Cigs Review: The Pros

  • One of the most competitive prices in the industry
  • Unique USA-made refill flavors
  • One-year warranty on batteries and chargers

Jet Cigs Review: The Cons

  • No significant negatives

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