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Hyde Edge 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

Hyde’s disposables have had this likable and unique aura around them from the moment they appeared. However, their vaporizers came with short battery life and approximately 250 – 300 puffs which was a major disadvantage in the harsh disposable vapes market environment.

Hyde Edge Disposable Vape Review

Therefore, it was about time for Hyde to make the effort and produce a strong, durable, and equally delicious vape that could answer the growing demands, and this is precisely what they did with the new Hyde Edge 1500 puffs disposable vape device.

Even though it was a giant leap, Hyde did an excellent job with their new disposables. Still, the device itself might not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its unusual appearance and an extremely wide flavor selection that could be overwhelming for some and most exciting for others. For that matter, we suggest you read an expert’s review on the new Hyde Edge and decide for yourself whether it fits you.

New Hyde Edge Comes Out Stronger and Bigger

Compared to the previous Hyde editions, Edge is three times bigger but also stronger for the same count. On the other hand, it is pretty lightweight if we consider that there is a 1100mAh battery stored in it.

The rubber finish prevents the slips, and it enhances the comfortability in hand, while the bold color combinations that vary depending on the taste are everything but discreet. The overall design has this 80’s voluminous and daring expression making the new Hyde Edge a breath of fresh air in the disposables’ world.

Smoother Draw Thanks to the Updated Airflow Technology

As Hyde Edge’s body is bigger, so is the mouthpiece. It is still narrowed and curved on the sides, yet thick and cubed, so this device offers a slightly different experience when on the lips, especially when its vapor gets to the lungs.

Another reason for that is the airflow which has two separated holes that both deliver a consistent amount of vapor. This results in denser clouds and intense throat kick that is still well-balanced and not too harsh.

With that, Hyde made sure that their recognized flavors maintain the same traits yet come with more clarity and power.

Greater E-liquid Capacity to Back-Up the Whole-Week Vaping Journey

With the stronger battery comes the larger e-liquid tank, and this time, Hyde chose the 6ml option that is more than enough for 7 days of vaping.

If we translate this into cigarette packs, it comes near to eight of those, and if we further do our math and mention that the single Hyde Edge 1600 puffs disposable vape device rarely costs more than $15, the financial relief is pretty clear.

Like with almost any other disposable, the firing mechanism is draw-activated, and it is easy to notice that the e-liquid contains premium quality nic salts. You surely don’t need to be an expert to get that feeling, as the taste buds are hard to fool.

Is Hyde Edge Suitable for Vaping Beginners?

It is difficult to provide an accurate response to this question as it depends on multiple factors. If you are a heavy smoker who wishes to kick off the nasty habit once for all, Hyde Edge might be the solution you are looking for.

The nicotine strength is traditional 50mg (5%) which is just enough to satisfy the cravings of someone who is hooked on this substance, but in other cases, it might be too powerful. Still, these disposables are designed and manufactured to provide an equally pleasing and intense tobacco smoking alternative, but with the advanced technology that is gentle on the throat and lungs.

Picky About the Flavors? Hyde Edge Comes in More Than 24 Different Options

Hyde has been consistent with the flavor quality and did its best to introduce more exciting variants over time. The palette contains mainly fruity and minty combinations or individual tastes, so if you are seeking tobacco flavors, you’ll need to wait a bit more for Hyde to treat you with those.

Besides their ever-greens like Lush ice, Blue Razz, or Peach Mango Watermelon, there are new introductions like Energize and Power made for those who appreciate the fuzzy hit of an energy drink.

The most velvety and buttery one is Mango Peaches & Cream, while the Spearmint gives the expected icy kick that clears out the airways. Fruity blends worth mentioning are Summer LUV, Strawberry Banana, and Cherry Peach Lemonade that correspond with each other harmoniously.

The one that deserves to be singled out is Aloe Grape flavor blend that has this gentle flowery and revitalizing Aloe taste mixed with the luscious scent of natural grapes.

To conclude this somewhat extensive expert’s review on Hyde Edge 1500 puffs disposable vape device, it’s for the best to commend the manufacturer’s genuine desire to satisfy as many demanding vapers as possible and still maintain the unique distinguished style that brought them recognition in the first place.

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