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How to Store Weed Properly

Many weed consumers, no matter their level of expertise and consumption, have no idea how to store weed properly and keep its quality intact. It is really important to store weed correctly as it will help you prevent potential bud damage, moisture and mold from destroying your stash. Preventing such issues can keep the quality, flavor, and potency of the weed, as well as its lifespan.

How to Store Weed Properly

Knowing that there is no expiration date, doesn’t mean that you can leave it lying around without any protection from the elements. You should take care of the weed condition considering certain factors for long-term or short-term storage. Here are some useful tips about how to get the most out of your pot.

Use proper weed storage

If you are looking for a traditional way of cannabis storage, it can be a glass jar or dark airtight container typically used for food storage. These items are really useful because they will effectively protect the buds from airflow and moisture, and keep their freshness for a whole year or sometimes even longer. Keep in mind to store your glass jar or container in a dark and cool place to maintain the weed in good condition for as long as possible.

However, if you want a better and more organized storage solution, you can consider using weed boxes. With a functional design for weed storage, the weed boxes are perfect for balancing the humidity, maintaining the weed freshness, and preserving the taste too. The boxes are usually made from wood and come with glass cups for keeping the weed organized. All of this makes your storage look more stylish, protecting your stash from potential quality decline.

Keep it in dark and cool place

If your weed storage is affected by high temperatures, the weed can dry out because of the evaporation from inside which can lead to bad flavor and unpleasant consumption. On the other hand, storing your weed at a very low temperature can freeze or remove the humidity from the buds which can lead to potency loss and decreased quality. To prevent such situations, keep your weed at an average room temperature or inside your drawer, but never next to your heater.

To keep the weed fresh and main cannabinoids like THC, another thing you should do is to store it in dark places. Exposing the buds to the sunlight can decrease the weed quality and THC levels which can lead to a rather unsatisfactory experience. So always try to store your weed in a dark environment away from the harmful rays of the sun, or use a bigger container around the smaller one to cover up your stash from direct sunlight.

Make sure it’s all clean

Make sure that your weed storage always remains clean, no matter if you prefer weed boxes, glass jars, or airtight containers for it. Remove any kind of dirt and dust in the box or in the jar that may contain moisture, different bacteria, or mold. Dirty storage items usually contain germs which can cause faster weed contamination and affect your health directly. So, keep in mind to clean the containers you plan to store your weed in and sterilize the storage environment as well. Also, be careful when taking your weed from storage to prevent any potential contamination.

Bonus tip: Store your joints properly

Considering the joint storage (or any pre-rolls), you can find it nearly the same as the weed buds storage. Store the joints in a dark and cool place to keep their cannabinoids intact and prevent any mold and moisture. Also, when you buy a new strain, make sure to finish it in the next 30 days before it dries out and loses its flavor.

If you want your joints to last longer and be in good condition long-term, you can store them in a cigarette pack as close as possible to remove the airflow between them. That’s how you will achieve humidity balance and keep them fresh for use anytime.

Final thoughts

All weed consumers, no matter their consumption experience, need to learn how to store weed properly and keep its quality at the highest level. Properly stored weed means using special storage items, like glass jars, airtight containers or weed boxes to prevent drying out and maintain the weed’s freshness. Keep in mind to always put the weed storage items in dark and cool places to maintain the weed lifespan. Also, make sure the storage items are clean and sterilized because dirt and bacteria can directly affect your health.

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