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How to Smoke Weed in a Vape Pen

Cannabis is one of the leading intoxicating agents consumed by human beings from ancient times. In earlier days, people smoked cannabis rolling it in dry leaves or clay bongs. In modern times, reefer papers became easily available in the market, and it eased the means of cannabis consumption.

How to Smoke Weed in Vape Pen

Due to technological advancements, electronic vaporizers have become quite common in the market. Initially, these vaporizers were designed for smoking weed. Earlier, desktop vape machines were designed, however, now portable vape pens are available in the market. Batteries power these gadgets and different manufacturers around the globe have popularised it.

Smoking weed in a vape pen is not as simple as it seems. Weeders need to have a clear concept about the anatomy, and the process of using a vape pen.

Anatomy of a Vape Pen

The anatomy of a vape pen is quite simple as it is comprised of the following things:

  • A Cartridge
  • An Internal Battery
  • A USB Charger with Cable
  • A Charging Port

The most vital of all the parts is the cartridge. In the case of the dry herb vaporizer, stuffing is done in the cartridges. The coil of the vaporiser connects to the cartridge and helps the cannabis to burn

Weeders need to grind the cannabis leaves finely before stuffing it to the cartridge. The best way to do this is by using grinders. Other accessories for cartridge cleaning are also available with the grinder. Once the weed is cut finely, weeders need to stuff it.

Process of Cartridge Packing

The cartridge packing process is mentioned below in detail:

Charge the device- The primary thing a weeder needs to check if the vape pen is fully charged. Moreover, the battery must be completely plugged in with the cartridge as it provides the coil with the necessary power of burning.

Make the right grind- Making the right grind is a vital task the weeder needs to do. Generally, the cartridges run properly on stuffing fine or medium grinds of cannabis.

Even stuffing- Even stuffing is necessary for the cartridge as it ensures proper burn-out of the weed resulting in comfortable smoking. The herb chamber needs to be full of dry weed before the coil is attached to the battery panel and turned on.

Guaranteeing airflow- Overstuffing the cartridge hampers the proper airflow in the cartridge of the dry herb vaporizer. Avoiding overstuffing results in maintaining proper consistency of weed inside the cartridge.

Regulating temperature- One of the prominent advantages of a vape pen is that one can regulate the temperature of the weed. Lower temperatures ensure slower burnout of the weed resulting in easy smoking.

Process of Inhaling Weed from Vape Pen

The style of inhaling changes to a quiet extent when a weeder smokes from a vape pen. Anyone new to this gadget must remember the following things when smoking:

Take time before first puff

The weed inside the cartridge takes some time for ignition after the coil starts burning. Always wait for half a minute before puffing the vape pen. If the puff is not proper, wait for another minute before further puffing.

Priming the vape pen

Priming ensures that the stuff inside the cartridge is properly ignited. One needs to take some gentle puffs before inhaling the smoke. Gentle puffing promotes the airflow inside the cartridge.

Dragging from the mouth panel

Vape pens have a mouth panel and the weeder needs to be firm on it when dragging the smoke. The amount of smoke one drags in one puff depends on his comfort. Tight draws bring discomfort when smoking. A weeder should hit the mouth panel with his lips as it loosens up the drag.

A weeder can use a stuffed cartridge multiple times by turning the vape pen off when not smoking. However, the weed goes through certain changes as the number of cannabinoids fluctuates due to the prior burn-out. One should always avoid smoking such vaped buds that have turned deep brown or black.

All weeders should clean the dry herb vaporizer after usage. This not only increases the longevity of the coil and cartridge but also promotes the flavour of weed. Cotton cloth, brushes, and alcohol scrub can be used for cleaning the vape pens.

If you have a vape pen with threading that allows you to remove the tank or cartridge, you can also swap out the cartridge, install a tank and fill it with some free vape juice.

Vape pens of different sizes and prices are easily available online. However, if you are a weeder, try choosing a gadget that is exclusively designed to smoke weed. Apart from cleaning, proper sanitization also improves the service of the vape pen.

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