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Why Do CBD Lovers Prefer Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

The cannabis market has been growing at an extremely fast pace, but those who are new to marijuana can find searching for products intimidating. There are several types of cannabis products readily available, but finding one that suits your needs can be slightly overwhelming. Things can get even more complex when considering marijuana derivatives like CBD oils.  

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oils are found in drug stores and online marketplaces all over the globe. But just because they are easily accessible, doesn’t necessarily mean they are legal to purchase in your current location. Before investing in CBD products, it’s of vital importance that you check the current laws in place in your current location. In America, the sale of CBD products that are made from hemp plants is legal as long as they contain the legal amount of THC, but this isn’t the case in other countries around the world. 

Cannabidiol (CBD), is one of the many chemical compounds found in the marijuana Sativa plant. The majority of CBD products available are derived from the hemp species that is found in the cannabis plant. 

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

One of the most popular CBD products out there is full spectrum CBD oil. Unlike other CBD products, full spectrum CBD oil is made from the entire Sativa cannabis plant. Because the whole plant is used in manufacturing the oil, it also includes the controversial chemical compound, THC. This is a psychoactive compound that has the ability to work different parts of the brain. Although research is still ongoing, we are not exactly sure of the full effects of what major cannabinoids like CBD and THC can do to the body, however, it is well documented that these compounds can help regulate our body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system). The ECS is responsible for many things, including the way our immune system functions, our nervous system, sleep cycle, the list goes on. 

The oil contains every cannabinoid that can be extracted from Sativa marijuana plants such as CBD, CBC, THCV, CBCA, CBG, and THCV. However, a lot of people worry about using full spectrum CBD oil because it contains traces of THC. Many fear that the mind altering compound will make them feel “high” after using it. Although it’s not entirely impossible for the compound to change the way you feel, you would have to take a large amount of full spectrum CBD oil if you are going to feel even a little bit “high”. To legally sell full spectrum oil, manufacturers are only allowed to add 0.03 percent THC. Low levels of the chemical compound won’t make the user feel intoxicated, but if you have a drug test coming up in the near future, you might want to avoid using it. CBD oil has a wide range of health benefits, and it is not addictive nor is it intoxicating. It gives people the opportunity to take advantage of the multiple benefits cannabis has to offer, without having to worry about being associated with the negatives that surround marijuana use. 

Why Are Full Spectrum CBD Oils More Popular Than Isolates?

Marijuana plants contain lots of natural compounds which include terpenes, cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, and more. Terpenes is the compound that gives cannabis its distinct smell and taste. These are just a few of the hundreds of compounds found in the plant. 

When creating CBD isolates, CBD cannabinoid is isolated when the extraction process is taking place to produce pure CBD. Unlike THC, CBD has a good reputation around the world, so lots of folks assume that it is the best CBD oil on the market. For those who are really worried about using oils containing THC, often opt for isolate-based products. Another similar product is broad spectrum CBD. It contains lots of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t have any traces of THC. People suffering from sleep disorders often use broad spectrum CBD oil as there are several compounds in it that help promote a good night’s sleep. 

Full spectrum CBD oil is believed to be a lot more effective because it contains all the compounds in the plant. When all the compounds are used, it is better at activating the ECS. Because it contains THC, it has the ability to unlock the “entourage effect”. Although it is a mind altering compound, it does have health benefits. Without THC, CBD oil will be missing out on the benefits of the compound. Full spectrum oil also contains CBN, which is a strong sedative that can help people suffering from insomnia. CBN is another compound in full spectrum CBD oil that has powerful antifungal properties that can help people with an acne condition. Teenagers who get acne on a regular basis often apply full spectrum CBD oil, and it has proven to be one of the best products in the skincare market. Although acne is not a serious condition, it can damage a person’s confidence and has a terrible impact on a person’s mental health. It can also lead to acne scarring that can last a lifetime. 

Where Can I Buy It?

CBD products are easily accessible in most countries nowadays, even in areas where the sale of cannabis is prohibited. If you live in a country where the sale of CBD products has been legalized, you should be able to purchase full spectrum CBD UK from most traditional drug stores. There are some stores dedicated to selling CBD products, and most reputable cannabis dispensaries stock an array of CBD products too. 

However, if you can’t find CBD oil in your local drug store or in a dispensary, several websites are selling full spectrum CBD oils. Because there are so many CBD stores online and there are several online marketplaces selling these products, it seems consumers are able to get better value for their money while shopping online

However, before you go on a CBD shopping spree, it is advised that you read the product description first. Some full spectrum CBD oil companies will claim they sell the most potent oil on the market, but the only way they can guarantee the potency of the oil is if they have been given a Certificate of Analysis. This is when a third party tests the oil in a laboratory. Once the oil has been tested, it will be given the certificate. Also, find out what levels of THC are in the oil before buying. If you are buying from a physical store in the United States, the legal limit of THC is 0.03 percent. Online, you can find oils that contain higher levels of THC, so a little research might prove beneficial before you spend your hard earned money. 


Marijuana products have built up a negative reputation, but people from all walks of life are opening their eyes and using these oils, edibles, creams, and lotions to benefit their health. Using cannabis to treat health problems is not a new craze, as people have been using cannabis plants for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Scientists are still carrying out research on the plant, so you can expect to see even more products entering the market in the future. With several people claiming full spectrum CBD oil has changed their lives for the better, the negativity surrounding the plant seems to be changing.

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