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10 Secrets to Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking It

Although a vast majority of pot users enjoy the action of smoking a blunt, others find the sensation of smoking unpleasant and even disgusting.

Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking

A lot of your preferences, when it comes to weed, could depend strongly on your first encounter with it and how you consumed it. If you tried cannabis for the first time, not as a joint, but inside a brownie, it is natural, you might want to stick to the brownie rather than start smoking.

Smoking weed even if it looks easy, requires some effort.First you have to decide whether to mix weed with nicotine or not. You have to roll the blunt properly, which is not an easy task. Then, finally, once you think it is time to enjoy the pleasures of your blunt,  comes the inhaling part. Inhaling as well requires some experience and knowledge. If you have no idea how to do it, you might end up coughing excessively rather than experience a pleasurable high.

Overall, smoking may turn out to be more complicated and stressful than it should be. Taking that into account, it is not surprising that some people prefer to avoid it.

Fortunately, they do not need to resign from the rewarding high marijuana consumption gives. There are some other, non-smoking, ways to enjoy cannabis to the maximum. So if you are experiencing an undying love for pot, and great hatred for smoking at the same time, you might want to consider these alternative options your new go-to’s.


Vaporizing is one of the most common methods of cannabis consumption next to smoking. Vaping is believed to be softer for the lungs as the weed’s chemical compounds burn at a much lower temperature than when smoking a blunt.

People also enjoy vaping because of the full range of various liquids flavors to choose from. Vaporizers can be divided into smaller and bigger ones. If you have never tried vaping before, a product such as a Stiiizy starter kit would be a perfect starting point. It is a pocket-size and stylish vape pod system that keeps everything simple and is ideal for a first encounter with vaping.


If you can’t survive an hour without a coffee or tea, this is an option for you. Drinking marijuana-infused drinks is a versatile option for cannabis consumption. It is excellent for people who like to be precise with the amount of weed, as it is easily and quickly adjustable.

If you decide to go for a weed coffee, be aware that the caffeine may give the high an additional boost.


Edibles are one of the most popular forms of marijuana intake, as they connect to two things almost everyone likes to do: easting and getting high. It is as great as it sounds, so if you haven’t tried a brownie with cannabis, it is about time you did.

The only downside is that it may take some time for the effects to kick in, but the high is incredible once they do.

Any food that contains oil or fat can be easily turned into a cannabis-infused dish. Most commonly, people will make brownies, cookies, or pasta with a dose of marijuana.


Topicals are marijuana-based balms, creams, and lotions. They are known for the pain-relieving effects on the irritated skin. If you experience skin soreness, inflammation, redness, or cuts, topping the area with a cannabis-infused balm should help in no time.


These are weed-containing liquids that are meant to be applied under the tongue. Tinctures enter the bloodstream immediately, so the effect should be fast. One of the main advantages of tinctures is that the dosage is very simple, and you can be as precise as one tincture drop.


Sprays are very similar to tinctures. They are oil or alcohol-based and provide fast-acting results. Most often, they come in a variety of flavors to choose from.


If you have ever seen someone dropping marijuana concentrates on a heated water-pipe attachment and then inhaling the vapor, that person was dabbing. This method is intended for the more experienced weed users as it requires a butane torch, which not everyone likes or owns.

Ingestible Oils

Their name says it all. Those are oils or capsules intended to either consume separately or add to a food or drink.

Dietary Food

Like any other edible plant, marijuana can be consumed in the form of fresh leaves, as part of a salad or green smoothies.


A Bubbler is a mix of a water-pipe and a glass pipe. So, if you have problems deciding which one you like best trying a bubbler might be a good idea. They are easy to use and perfect for beginners and smokers who don’t have much experience.


OK we told you we’d give you 10 secrets to enjoy cannabis without smoking it, but here’s an extra one for luck! This is one of the most discrete options to enjoy cannabis. They are not meant to get you high but help you release pain by providing a consistent stream of cannabis into your bloodstream. Patches should be worn directly on the skin, preferably on arms.


There are more ways to enjoy weed than just smoking it. They differ in the purposes, the intensity of effects and forms. Some are meant to get you high faster than ever, while others are there to help you relieve pain. Depending on your preferences and needs, decide which one suits you best, and enjoy it!

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