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Dry Herb vs Wax Atomizers

There is no one best way or method for consuming cannabis buds and concentrates. However, vaping is fast becoming a favorite choice for many because of some obvious reasons, including health, convenience, discreetness, and mobility.

Dry Herb vs Wax Atomizers

Fortunately, there are tons of vape pens available on the market to give users a wide range of options to choose from. Each pen is designed for one or more cannabis products. For instance, some vape pens are made for dry herbs only, and there are others that are designed for wax only. And then, some are compatible with both dry herbs and wax.

Vaporizers come with different components, and one of the important parts of a vaping unit is the atomizer. This is so because the quality of the atomizer will determine the vapor quality you get. Understanding the difference between dry herb atomizers and wax atomizers and their benefits will help find the best atomizer for your vaping device.

What Are Dry Herb Atomizers?

Dry herb atomizers or weed tanks are devices that you can attach to a vape mod to vaporize weed. Atomizers for dry herbs should not be confused for dry herb vaporizers. Unlike the regular vaping units, atomizers cannot work on their own unless they are attached to a mod or e-cigarette.

If you already have an e-cigarette, then having a dry herb atomizer will let you vaporize dry herbs on your vaping device, instead of just sticking with e-liquids. It’s important to note that you can only use dry herb atomizers to vaporize dry products. Attempting to use it for materials like e-juice, wax, and oil will ruin the atomizer.

Dry herb atomizers usually have two major components – the chamber, which holds the bud, and the coil, which has a wick and acts as the heating element. Depending on the brand, some atomizers also come with mouthpiece for inhaling the vaporized materials.

Most dry herb atomizers feature a 510 universal threading, which makes them compatible with any mod with a 510 thread connection.



Atomizers are small and easy to carry around. They are perfect for anyone looking to stay under the radar. You can easily and quickly switch between atomizers while on the go.


The good news about atomizers is that they are replaceable. Perhaps, this is why they have become trendy among members of the vaping community.

Improved Vapor Quality

Herbal atomizers carry powerful heating elements which help to increase the quality of the vapor produced by your vape mod in terms of potency and flavor.

Wax Atomizers

Just like dry herb atomizers, wax atomizers are also tanks that can be attached to vape batteries like mods and e-cartridges. However, wax atomizers are strictly for concentrated cannabis products like wax and thick oils.

Wax atomizers also have coils, which can be single or multiple, depending on the brand. Atomizers with multiple coils are believed to be more efficient for vaping. Coils are usually made from materials like ceramic, quartz, and titanium.



Wax atomizers are easy to remove and attach to mods, which makes them versatile for vaporizing wax and concentrates.


With a wax atomizer, you don’t need to worry about your glass rigs whenever you want to hit the road. Atomizers are super pocket-friendly and will fit well in your bag.


You can get quality wax atomizers at affordable prices, and they will provide great value if properly maintained.


The difference between dry herb atomizers and wax atomizers is quite clear. The former is used for vaporizing flowers, while the latter is compatible with cannabis concentrates like wax. However, you can use both atomizers with one vaping mod or e-cigarette.

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