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Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Glass Pipes

There are various methods in which you can enjoy your herbs including old-school smoking and ultra-modern vaping. Both have huge fan bases but which one’s better? Well, that depends upon the device you choose to inhale them. Vaporizers and glass pipes are two distinct but amusing ways to consume herbs. Both have some strong points and weaknesses. In this article, we have illuminated differences to help you understand which one’s better for you. Let’s have a look into what we got here.

Glass Pipe vs Dry Herb Vape

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Before comparing it to glass pipes, you must understand what it is and what are its benefits. Basically, they are compact devices used to enjoy dry herbs or flowers. They differ from the popular e-cig which utilizes liquid cartridges. These instruments are pretty portable and very easy to carry around. However, they have a larger desktop version of these vaporizers as well that helps you achieve longer vaping sessions.

The latest versions of these vaporizers possess convection ovens which means they utilize hot air to extract the vapors instead of combustion. In other words, there will be no carcinogenic compounds or poisonous toxins in the smoke. The temperature remains beneath the combustion point, as a result, it is less injurious for your lungs.

Glass Pipes

The manufacturers were compelled to introduce these devices because their popular counterparts; wood and clay pipes change the flavor of the smoke to some degree. On the contrary, the glass pipes not only retain the flavor but also enhances it. The magic lies in the non-porous and non-combustible glass material.

Moreover, these pipes come in artistic geometries that are sure to attract many eyes. If you are someone who looks for uncontaminated smoking experience and aesthetic design then these are perfect for you. You can check their alluring design on King’s pipe which is an online platform to purchase many vaping and smoking devices.

Comparative Analysis

Let’s compare their traits to find out which one’s better for you.

Portability: Both are highly compact but vape pens are one step ahead in portability. Their sleek and slender design is built to fit perfectly in your pocket and their presence is hardly noticeable. The same would not be true for glass pipes.

Safety: It doesn’t matter how old the practice is, pipes are still very common among masses. Therefore, it has given rise to many similar illnesses that are common in cigarette users. They utilize combustion techniques to generate smoke that contains poisonous substances and cancer-causing compounds. However, vapes are relatively safer due to the modern convection ovens that do not require direct contact with the herbs. Little is known about the health side effects of vaporizers but even they are not absolutely safe.

Durability: It is crystal clear that being glass-constructed, glass pipes are highly delicate. No matter how strongly they are manufactured, they cannot compete with the sturdiness of plastic and metal made vaporizers. Commonly, people mishandle them while cleaning and end up breaking the stem bowl which is the most delicate part of the structure. On the other hand, vaporizers are durable — they are made with strong metal and plastic which can last for a long time.

Flavor:The talk is pretty controversial as it depends mostly upon personal preference. People who prefer stronger hits should go for glass pipes. While those who look for rich flavor and uncontaminated dry herb experience then you should choose vaporizers without any doubt.

Our Final Verdict

We have explored the pros and cons of both device and we have come to the conclusion that in terms of portability and rich flavor dry herb vaporizers have no rival. But if you look for style, artistic design, class, and harsher flavor then you should go for glass pipes.

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