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Trying Delta-8 Cartridges? Know the Proper Dosing First

Delta-8 is comparatively new in the market, but it is taking the wellness market by the storm. It is the fourth most searched cannabis in the world. There are many ways to take delta-8 THC in. But have you given delta-8 THC cartridges a try? Vaping is one of the most popular ways to intake THC. It works faster and reaches the bloodstream directly. So, the bioavailability is much higher than any other process. Also, vaping eliminates the potential risks of smoking, so it is a much safer way to enjoy your delta-8 THC. But how should you determine the dosage? We are here to guide you through the whole process.

Delta 8 Cartridges Dosing

What is Delta-8 THC?

According to The National Cancer Institute, Delta 8 THC is defined as “an analog of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.”

Delta-8 is like any other cannabinoid found in cannabis plants like marijuana or hemp. Generally, it is derived from CBD (cannabidiol) or delta-9 THC, the primary component found in marijuana. Delta-8 also has psychoactive properties like other THCs. It can make you high, but it does not make you anxious, paranoid, or cause rapid breathing. Its high effect is mild and short-lived. According to the 2018 Farm bill, hemp-derived delta-8 is legal federally. But do check with your state laws before buying it.

What to consider while determining your delta-8 dosage?

These are the factors you should keep in mind while determining your delta-8 dosage.

  • Concentration:

The strength or potency of delta-8 in the product plays a significant role in measuring the dosage. You don’t want to take too much or too low. That will defeat the purpose. So, always check the potency of delta-8 in your preferable product while buying.

  • Bodyweight:

The body weight of the user is proportional to the amount of delta-8 the user needs. If your body weight is on the higher side, you need a little high dosage than someone slimmer.

  • Tolerance:

How sensitive you are to cannabinoids is a crucial factor in determining your dosage. Daily users eventually build a tolerance around it. So, they need to increase the dosage to get the same effect as before.

  • Your goals:

Why are you using delta-8? Are you vaping delta-8 cartridges to quit smoking? Or are you just looking to relax a bit more? Or maybe you want to experience the delta-8 effect. You need to measure your dosage, keeping your goal in mind.

Are delta-8 THC and CBD dosing the same thing?

Some people think it is okay to take the same amount of delta-8 as CBD as they are both cannabinoids. To some extent, it is true. But you also have to remember that delta-8 is a lot stronger substance than CBD, and it also has mind-altering effects. Even though delta-8 is mild than delta-9 still it is best not to take a large amount of it. We are unaware of the side effects of delta-8. So, try and measure your delta-8 dosage.

The difference between delta-8 milligram strength and dosage:

The milligram strength is what you can find written on the product cover. It says how much delta-8 the product contains in total. The higher milligram strength complies with the higher potency of the product. Different companies make different products with different strengths.

Now the dosage is how much delta-8 is entering your system with each intake. If you are vaping, then how much delta-8 is there in one puff? Or if you are eating gummies, then the potency of one gummy. One bottle of delta-8 tincture can be twice strong as the other one.

General Dosing Instructions:

The general idea is to start from a lower dosage and increase the amount with time. Often the product cover recommends taking an average dosage. For any variety of delta-8 product, the guide is,

  • If you are a beginner, you probably have a low tolerance of delta-8 THC. Then the recommended dose is 5mg-15mg peruse.
  • If you remain at the intermediate level, you probably have built a tolerance around delta-8 THC. You can take 15mg-45mg per use.
  • If you are an advanced user who is using delta-8 for a long time, you probably have built a high tolerance around it. You can take 45mg-150mg+ delta-8 peruse.
  • But if the product hits you too hard, lower the dosage immediately.

How to calculate the dosage of delta-8 vape cart?

Now, the delivery system you are using to intake the delta-8 also affects your dosage. Each method takes a different time to kick in your system, and each of the systems has a different bioavailability in blood. Some systems can give you the desired result quickly but wear off much faster, and some methods may take time to kick in but stay in your system for longer.

To calculate the potency of each vape, you have to divide the amount of delta-8 the cart has with the number of puffs it allows. If your cart has 1gm of delta-8 and it allows 100 puffs then, 1 puff = 1000/100 = 10mg delta-8. If you are a beginner, start with one puff and slowly increase it with time. One to three puffs is the standard dose. If you stand at an advanced level, you can calculate how much delta-8 you want and take according to that.

What if you take too much delta-8?

According to daily users, if you intake a higher dosage of delta-8, you’ll feel confused and dizzy. You can also feel sedated or deeply relaxed. It doesn’t generally show side effects like paranoia or anxiety. With a large amount of delta-8, you will mostly feel elevated.

Finding the correct dose of delta-8 is crucial for the overall effect. The process may seem challenging at first, but with our guide, you will be able to find the correct dosage in no time. Delta-8 cartridges are an easy and effective way to intake your daily dose of delta-8. You can also use this guide to find the correct dosage for any other delta-8 product. You can find delta-8 in various forms like vape oil, cartridges, gummies, tinctures, pills, capsules, or edibles. So, use these simple calculations and measure the correct dose for a smooth experience with delta-8 THC.

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