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Dabbing for Beginners: Ultimate Guide 2020

Dabbing is an out of this world experience of effectively enjoying concentrated cannabis extracts. You create flavorful and strong vapors by taking the concentrate to its boiling point. Whether you are a newcomer or a pro in this world, our ultimate guide will surely prove useful to you one way or another. So, let’s explore what dabbing is and how to do it.

Dabbing for Beginners

What Is Dabbing?

This latest trend has taken the cannabis industry by storm. It is a simple method of transforming extracts into vapors and then inhaling them through a device. It is similar to smoking but more complicated and expensive given the requirement of the apparatus. The flavor and the strength of the vapors rely completely on the temperature. Therefore, you need practice and guidance to successfully pull it off.

How to Dab

Assemble the apparatus and prepare your concentrates so, let’s get into it.

Step 1

After assembling the water pipe or dab rig, take the blowtorch and start heating. Continue heating until you witness a bright red color on the nail. After that, place the dome over it.

Step 2

Now the most difficult part comes — waiting. If the nail made of titanium then waiting 10-20 seconds would be enough as titanium heats up fast. But if it is quartz then you’d have to wait 30-45 seconds.

Step 3

Put the concentrate on the hot nail and prepare your mouth to inhale.

Step 4

If you prefer a carb cap instead of a dome then place it inside the nail and inhale sharply.

Step 5

Give it a second and exhale afterward. Continue the process until there is no concentrate left. For people who have a high tolerance, repeat the process all over again.

How to Dab (Using an Insert)

Everybody has different tolerance and taste. For people who are into low-temperature dabbing, inserts are the hottest trend. You can place it in the nail and heat it. This way, it will provide long heat retention meaning the inside won’t lose the optimum temperature for two minutes straight. You can also drop the insert later after heating the banger to reduce waste. Certain manufacturers have introduced more efficient inserts that are compatible with the specific material of the banger. You can check fadespace inserts that are known for their enhanced thermal conductivity, superior flavor and compatibility.

Here’s how to dab using an insert:

  • Fill the insert with the dab.
  • By using the blowtorch, heat the banger.
  • As per the material of the banger wait. (for quartz, wait for 30-45 seconds)
  • Put the insert into the banger and place the cap over it.
  • When the oil starts to boil, start your draw.

Why You Should Do It?

1)     Healthier than smoking

The components you are inhaling are terpenes and cannabinoids that are less toxic that the components in cigarette smoke.  Moreover, the smoke is less dense which is good news for your lungs.

2)     More potency

Technological advancement has given birth to efficient devices that can extract more potency from the concentrates. In comparison to other methods, dabbing is one step ahead as it takes your vaping experience to a whole new level.

3)     Less trouble

The process is less messy than using dry herbs. There is no need to use a grinder which can be pretty troublesome. All you have to do is to just assemble the apparatus, heat the nail and start inhaling. It may be time-consuming but it is worth it.

4)     Enhanced flavor

At the right temperature, the concentrates give out vapors enriched with terpenes that are responsible for mouth-watering flavor.

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