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Dab Rigs and Dabbing: Complete Guide for Beginners

A dab is a botanical material/concentrate in solid form. Wax and concentrates are essentially the same things. Since this material is in the concentrated form, the active ingredients are generally quite potent.

Dabbing is not the same as smoking/vaping oils. The stuff that you use for dabbing appears more like malleable honey rather than a viscous liquid.

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What’s A Dab Pen

This is a smoking tool created explicitly to vape/smoke/dab concentrates. They come with a heating chamber that looks quite different from that of an e-cig and other herb vaping pens. The USP of dab pens is that they offer a better smoking experience. They are not bulky in size. Dab pens are also quite handy. Some are so tiny you can carry them around like a key chain.

Step by Step Guide to Dabbing Easily

Basically, there are four main steps to smoking dabs –

Step 1 – Heat it up

Take your dab rig and fill it up with water. Make sure it’s just the right amount. Now take the torch and begin heating it to ideally 350-600F. Set your torch accordingly. Hold the flame steadily on the banger/nail for at least 30 seconds. Most butane torches would do the job in this time frame.

Step 2 – Let the banger/nail cool down

Let the rig sit for about 5-10 seconds. Wait until it has cooled down before you take the dab. Make sure it’s the right temperature to avoid burning the extracts. Once the rig is cooled down, take some of the extracts and put it on the dabber. Now get ready to smoke.

Step 3 – Take a hit

As the mouthpiece is in your mouth, start putting the dab in the rig. You can put it either on the banger or on the nail. Now swirl the dabber to make sure every bit of the extract gets the heat for even heating.

Step 4 – Exhale and repeat

As you inhale and exhale the dab, give it some time to let the dab completely sink into your body. First-timers might not need a second hit because the intensity of the hit is usually high.

Safety Tips for Dabbing for beginners

If this is your first time, it’s highly likely you could end up hurting yourself. Make sure to follow these tips to avoid some serious first-time mistakes and also to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you. We’re not even joking!

  1. Be careful not to overheat the rig

This is a classic rookie mistake most first-timers make while heating their rig up. It happens either because they are inexperienced, or they can’t tell whether or not the rig is hot enough. Occasionally, it can also be a result of misinformation by a friend or someone.

Ideally, you would want to be sticking to a temperature of 300F to 600F. Temperatures lower than this will result in extracts that are not properly melted. Only when the extract is rightly heated, do you get access to a full range of terpenes, fine flavors, and right THC content. With a temperature higher than this – you run a risk of damaging not just your piece, but also your mouth, esophagus, and lungs. So, be careful.

  1. Be sure to turn the nails off

Some dab nails are powered electronically. They are rather convenient to use as you get to precisely control the temperature and also save up on the butane costs. However, on the flip side, they come with the dangers of accidentally lighting your house on fire. E-nails are useful if you dab frequently. But, make sure to look for ones that come with reliable safety features. Most importantly, don’t forget to turn them off and unplug the chord as soon as you’re done using them just for good measure.

  1. Go for child-proof dab torches

This is again only for good measure, especially if you have kids in the house. Most dab torches reach the temperature beyond 2000F. That makes them a potentially harmful tool if mishandled. Therefore, you might want to look for child-proof dab torches that come with advanced safety features in case children play with them. The features are useful for your own safety in case the flame turns on accidentally while moving it around.

  1. Ensure regular maintenance

Not cleaning your rig, bong, and dab can be quite dangerous. Room temperature water that has been stagnant for days is home to bacterial growth. With time, this can lead to serious health concerns. This is why you would want to clean your rigs and dabs regularly after you’re done smoking to stay healthy and safe.

Best Dab Pens for Beginners

Dr. Dabber Aurora

This little baby from Big Daddy Smoke is meant for low-temperature dabbing making it ideal for beginners. This setting also makes sure you don’t have to worry about hurting your lungs or throat. Although it won’t produce big clouds, you will still get access to a full range of flavors.

Puffco Plus

The reason why beginners should go for Puffco Plus is because it’s easy to use and convenient. It can heat the dab for 12 seconds on a preferred temperature setting. You don’t run the risk of overheating. Therefore, there are fewer chances of burning the concentrate.

This Thing Rips OG Four 2.0

This is a rather straightforward and simple dab pen. The pen comes with a lava coil atomizer that heats up to 800F. With these settings, this pen can hit you hard, so be careful. With no waiting time, you get instant dabbing experience.

Source Orb 4 Signature Kit

This baby comes with nine atomizers. Translation? You can  customize the temperature settings as per your liking. On top of that, it comes with full wattage control too.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. Make sure to bear these tips/pointers in mind when shopping for your first dab rig and pen.

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