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How to Choose the Best E-Liquid Flavor

When it comes to vape, everybody wants a smooth experience which calls for a properly functional device, a freshly wicked coil, and your favorite flavored e-juice. Vape Juice is quickly turning into the most ideal decision for vaping. Items that do exclude e-fluid are painfully passing up a great opportunity. Hence, all of the top vaping flavors featured beneath incorporate this basic premium fume juice that contributes to a fine vaping experience.

Choose Best E-Liquid Flavor

Choosing the right flavor of your -liquid can sometimes be quite the task since there are so many options to choose from. Therefore, to pick the best e-liquid flavor, you ought to make a rundown of the top measures. Prioritize the feeling that you want with each inhale, your favorite flavor, and the frequency of your usage. Some custom e liquid boxes do mention similar info about the flavor. However, sometimes you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

So if you are new to vaping and can’t wrap your head around picking the best flavor for your e-juice, this article will help you make the right choice according to your preference.

How to pick the best e-juice?

There are three main points to keep in mind while choosing the best vape juice, flavor (which is all about personal preference), nicotine strength (which depends on if you are a light or heavy smoker), and lastly, the size of the bottle.

Let’s have a deeper look into it!


The most common question of the vape community is, what flavor should I try first? A smoker who recently shifted to vaping is often looking for flavors like  Belmont or Marlboro which unfortunately don’t exist! But what’s the point of switching if you’re not getting something new? Nonetheless, there are plenty of tobacco flavored e-juices too.

The best thing about vape e-liquids is that they come in all kinds of flavors, you name it, they got it. Cheesecake? It’s there, berries, yup! How about frosted gingerbread? Absolutely. The flavor of vape juices is a whole other world to explore. Let’s have a look.

Flavored Vape juice

Dessert and baked goods

There are tons of flavors ranging from desserts to sweet, and sultry baked goods essence. The dessert ones might include butterscotch, chocolate, and fudge, frozen yogurt. There are traces of cream and fudge, which give a rich, luxurious delayed flavor impression. These are usually the first pick for Desserts addicts. The baked good flavors are a fun, nostalgic, and delightful experience. The aroma consolidates icing, cookies, cupcakes, and much more.

Fresh berries and fruits

Fruity flavors include raspberry lemonade, watermelon, and sweet tea, etc. These flavors work perfectly on a summer day when you crave something sweet and fleshing yet want to vape at the same time.  The mix has sweet organic product flavors that are difficult to top.  The berry range on the other hand is an imaginative blend of dim organic. The flavors incorporate grape, berry, and dark currant. The glorious flavor carries new importance to a solid flavor. These have an intriguing, striking taste that is cherished by most.

Unflavored Vape juice

A lot of people when they hear unflavored vape juice, think about bland puffs that are boring. It is a misconception. Unflavored e-juices are quite popular especially for the ones who have recently switched from cigarettes. Some people like vaping soon after a meal and a flavored vape might not be the best idea here.

Unflavored vape juice isn’t flavorless at all. They are just milder, more soothing, and more inclined towards the traditional taste. Some flavors are a blend of conventional desserts with the flavor of the tobacco to make a charming and fulfilling taste in your mouth. Some blends incorporate traces of espresso and chocolate frosting. Together, these flavors make a super taste that anybody acquainted with late-night work or even as a snack.

So if you want to call these neutral flavors rather than unflavored, that would make more sense. Most of the custom liquid boxes do call these neutral flavors.

Nicotine strength

Once you have set your mind on a flavor, you have to decide the percentage of nicotine you want. That totally depends on how much you smoke in a day.

12mg of regular nicotine is usually what most people go for. However, for the ones who own high-power sub-ohm vape devices, it is better to stay low on the nicotine as these produce more heat thus, vapors that give a stronger throat hit effect. So, about 3-6mg would work just fine.

If you are new at it, it is better to stick to simple nicotine (25mg or so) but if you are a heavy smoker, lower the amount of nicotine (12mg) and go for a higher amount of nicotine sat (20-35mg).

Bottle Size

The bottle size varies from region to region. In the USA and Canada, 30mL and 60mL e-liquid bottles are available whereas Europe is limited to 10mL of e-juice bottles due to European TPD requirements
(the vape tank capacity is also 2mL which makes sense for the 10mL bottle).

The size of the bottle depends mostly on how much you smoke in a day and how much you love the flavor. If you frequently vape, you’ll run out quickly so it’s better to go for bigger bottles as it’ll be more cost-effective and you won’t have to run to the store now and again.

However, if you own a sub-ohm device, it will make the e-liquid evaporate faster because of the high heat. In this case, always go for a larger bottle.

Final word

Choosing the right flavor for yourself is all about picking the right essence and the correct percentage of nicotine to make the perfect blend. Now that you know how it all works, good luck getting the perfect flavors that match your taste and work the best for your nicotine needs. Just make sure to vape responsibly and take care of your device to make it last longer. Happy vaping folks!

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