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Charlie’s Club Review

2016 update: The Charlie’s Club website has been taken offline, and the company appears to be out of business. Why not take a look at my article about the best e-cigarette for beginners instead?

For smokers, buying packs of cigarettes becomes a ritual woven into the fabric of one’s daily life. You remember to stop at the convenience store, smoke shop or other vendor every few days without even thinking about it because the habit becomes so ingrained. With e-cigarettes, though, it’s a bit different. When I’m getting low on e-liquid, I have to remember to go online and buy some. More than once over the years, I’ve run out of my favorite brand and had to resort to using an e-liquid I didn’t like as much while I waited for my preferred brand to arrive. Of course, I could have gone to the convenience store and picked up a Vuse or Logic e-cigarette, but then I’d just be overpaying for a low-quality product.

These experiences lead me to believe that many e-smokers might be interested in a program that allows them to have their e-liquids or refill cartridges shipped automatically. You’d never need to remember to order — they’d just show up at your door. To date, many e-cigarette companies have tried and failed to crack the subscription code. Companies know that some consumers would like automatic shipments of e-cigarette refills, and they also know that the steady income from subscription fees would be good for them, as well. Nothing has really become a hit, though. To make matters worse, many people think of the free e-cigarette scam when they think of subscription-based services — something that has given the industry as a whole a bad reputation.

Charlie’s Club is a new e-cigarette company that has set out to change the playing field for subscription-based e-cigarette services. With free batteries and chargers throughout the life of the subscription, no commitment and the ability to cancel online directly from your account page, Charlie’s Club has made it easier than ever to get into an e-cigarette subscription and get out if you decide it isn’t for you. In my Charlie’s Club review, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about this new company.

Charlies Club Review E-Cigarette

About Charlie’s Club

As mentioned above, Charlie’s Club is an e-cigarette subscription service. They offer three different membership tiers — $34.99 for 15 refill cartridges each month, $49.99 for 25 refills and $69.99 for 50 refills. As part of your first month’s subscription, you’ll receive two batteries and a USB charger. You can choose from two tobacco flavors and one menthol flavor, and each flavor is available in three nicotine strengths including nicotine-free. There is no minimum subscription length, which means that you can cancel at any time and keep all of your hardware. If you remain a member and a battery or charger stops working, you can simply call for a replacement. According to the website, you can even cancel your membership online if desired — no need to speak with a customer retention representative or, worse yet, play phone tag with an answering machine.

Charlie’s Club Review

I received a supply of “Charlie’s Blue” cartomizers with my Charlie’s Club review package. This flavor is intended to resemble sun-cured tobacco; I would characterize the flavor as sweet and nutty. It’s a flavor you’ve tasted before if you’ve tried any of the many other low-cost e-cigarettes on the market, and I would guess that the sweetness would appeal to most people new to e-cigarettes even though it doesn’t really resemble actual tobacco. The vapor production of the e-cigarette is fair in my estimation and the battery life is quite long. Overall, my experience with the Charlie’s Club e-cigarette was good. I have carried it around during several days out of the home and have yet to notice any decline in flavor or vapor production.

Charlie’s Club Review: Conclusion

Although my experience overall with the Charlie’s Club e-cigarette has been positive, I do have difficulty giving it a strong recommendation because of the price structure. Like most e-cigarette companies, Charlie’s Club touts its refill cartridges as containing the nicotine equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. While that is technically true, many people might find it difficult to stretch a single refill cartridge so it lasts for two days of e-smoking. For many, therefore, I find it difficult to imagine any Charlie’s Club package except the $69.99 Platinum package including enough cartridges to last for an entire month. Some people might find that price a little difficult to pay all at once.

On the other hand, the Charlie’s Club Platinum e-cigarette subscription amounts to a cost of about $1.40 per refill cartridge, which is less than many companies charge. Unless you’re willing to buy in bulk, most e-cigarette companies charge $2.00 or more per refill cartridge when you buy them in packs of five. Bearing that in mind, the price for a Charlie’s Club membership is actually quite competitive as long as you get the largest package. While I’ve used better e-cigarettes and tried better tasting e-liquids, I can definitely see Charlie’s Club appealing to some new e-smokers because the price is good over the long term. Not only is the price per refill cartridge lower than what many vendors charge, but e-cigarette batteries tend to receive a lot of abuse and few last longer than a few months. Each time you request a new battery, you’re saving at least $10 over what another company would charge for a replacement.

Charlie’s Club Review: The Pros

  • Convenient monthly cartridge deliveries
  • Low price per refill cartridge
  • Easy cancellation, no commitment
  • Batteries and chargers guaranteed to function while the membership remains active

Charlie’s Club Review: The Cons

  • Vapor production and flavor aren’t remarkable

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