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Buying CBD for Your Pet: What You Need to Know

CBD is an exciting new option in providing the highest quality of health for your pet, but it is frequently misunderstood. Here are some of the things that your veterinarian wants you to understand about choosing a CBD product for your pet.


You Have Options in CBD Delivery

Does your pet turn their nose up at CBD oil? Your vet probably wants you to know that CBD oil isn’t your only option when getting high-quality CBD for your pet. You can also choose a quality soft treat that delivers exact quantities of CBD with a taste that your pet will love.

Just because your dog or cat tends to be a bit finicky doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from the many healing effects of CBD.

You Can Bundle Your Supplements Into One Treat

Veterinarians often hear from their clients that it is too challenging to give their pets multiple supplements every day. Furthermore, clients may struggle with the expense of buying a variety of different supplements.

However, you can buy high-quality supplements for your pet that offer all of the benefits of CBD as well as other important supplements like mobility support with glucosamine and fish oil, skin and coat support with lecithin and zinc, and a wide variety of other supplements.

You Can Make Your Own CBD Supplements

Veterinarians are frequently frustrated when trying to maintain a specific diet for their clients’ pets. Whether your dog or cat needs to lose weight or avoid gaining more weight, or they are on a limited ingredient diet because of food allergies, or for some other reason your pet needs to stay on a particular diet, supplements can often be touted as a reason that it isn’t possible for you to stick to the diet for your pet.

However, your veterinarian probably wants to emphasize to you that you can make your own CBD supplements that do stick to your pet’s specific diet. Simply buy a very high-quality pure CBD oil from Innovetpet and use it to mix up your own beneficial supplements using ingredients that meet your dog or cat’s diet.

Trying to keep your pet on a low-fat diet? Try using healthy ingredients like green beans and lean chicken. Is your pet on a limited ingredient diet? You can mix CBD oil right into the wet food or use only ingredients found in their limited ingredient diet to make the supplement.

CBD can be Helpful for Anxiety

Many pets find going to the veterinarian to be a highly stressful experience. Your pet’s stress level can make your veterinarian’s job a lot harder, as well as being very unpleasant for your pet.

Many people don’t realize how helpful CBD can be for periods of anxiety-like this. CBD can be an effective treatment for both dog and cat anxiety, making the trip to the vet a lot nicer for your pet and for your vet.

Some pets respond to CBD very quickly, so you can dose an hour or so before you take your trip to the vet. Other pets respond best when dosed for several weeks leading up to a vet visit.

It is Essential to Choose the Highest Quality CBD

In order for CBD oil to be effective and safe for your pet, you need to choose very high-quality products. Your veterinarian is probably happy for you to give your pet CBD oil, but they are probably worried that you may not be choosing it from a good source. Here are some characteristics to look for to ensure that you are choosing the right CBD oil for your pet:

  • Organic. Hemp has a tendency to draw heavy metals, pesticides, and insecticides from the soil, so it is very important for you to choose a product that is 100% organic and free from any of these contaminants.
  • Tested in a third-party lab. A high-quality producer of hemp oil will have their product tested by a third-party lab so you can be confident that the product you buy really is as effective and pure as it is advertised to be.
  • Full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oil offers an entourage effect that strengthens its benefits. Other cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil will result in a more powerful effect to benefit your pet.
  • Free of THC. Look for a product that contains less than .3% THC, since a higher level than this can result in negative effects for your pet.

Choose The Best Quality CBD For Your Pet

You want only the best for your pet, and so does your veterinarian. Keeping these tips in mind as you’re shopping sets you up for success to choose the highest quality product that is most likely to have beneficial effects on your pet’s health. Don’t settle for a lower-quality CBD manufacturer when it comes to you’re pet’s CBD supplement and their health.

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