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Cannabis 101: Different Ways to Use It

The second most important consideration that comes into play after choosing the flower is the delivery method. While people generally overlook this aspect because they tend to experiment in a limited number of ways.

Cannabis 101

However, suppose you’re a newbie who’s all set to embark upon the learning journey and become a cannabis aficionado. In that case, it’s wise to get going with this checklist.

Know that the mental and physical benefits of cannabis depend on how you wish to consume the magical plant. After all, each method has a unique experience and comes with a host of effects. Who knows- you could come across a new favourite method of consumption.

The methods of delivery are inhalation, topical, and oral. All these umbrella methods serve exemplary functions, which work well for different users on different occasions.

Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

Smoking and Vaping through Inhalation Delivery Methods:

With the inhalation methods, the vapours enter the lungs before their absorption into the bloodstream.

The two types of inhalation methods are vaporization and smoking. Cannabis smokers have a wide variety of devices from which they can choose. These are hand pipes, rolling papers, homemade one-time-use appliances, water pipes like bongs, and rolling pipes.

Cannabis Edibles:

Drinking and eating cannabis have significantly different effects than delivery methods like vaping and smoking. Edibles are any food that contains cannabis, whether or not the cannabinoids have bioavailability or not. These products come with longer onsets and cause psychoactive effects.

Infused drinks and foods have numerous preparation ways, which depend on the dish. Your best bet can be to buy cannabis seeds and add these to your recipe. It is because the chances of preparing a healthy meal with omega- 3 fatty acids are great. You can prepare a strawberry smoothie, a creamy cauliflower hemp alfredo sauce, or hemp and millet nuggets.

Some other examples of cannabis edibles can be brownies, chocolates, cookies, etc.

Drinking Cannabis as a Tinctures:

Suppose you’re a cannabis consumer who’s looking forward to fast-acting benefits in limited dosage. In that case, tinctures are a perfect option for you. What’s even better is that these liquid cannabis extracts have no health risks associated with them.

Generally, alcohol as a solvent finds the best usage. Other fat-soluble liquids like glycerol and vinegar are available. All you as a consumer have to do is place two-three drops of tinctures under your tongue. Thus, this method is more about absorbing in the body than digesting or swallowing.

And, ingesting these in an empty stomach requires some processing time through the liver, reducing the dosage control.

CBD Creams as Topical Delivery Methods:

The topical cannabis administration uses a complete cannabis extract. Know that this thick oil decarboxylates for activating cannabinoids. After cannabinoid activation, these absorb well through the skin.

Medicating methods are different from topical effects because they don’t provide stimulation, which users refer to as “being high”. And that’s the reason topicals hold good for consumers who need a clear head and instant relief.

Final Takeaways

There are several ways of taking CBD, and there’s no one best or right way.

Thus, it is essential to give a try to different methods and see what works the best for you. Also, before laying hands on CBD, make sure to talk to your doctor, especially if you’re on medication. It is because CBD may interact with prescription medications like blood thinners, antidepressants, antibiotics, and others.

After all, it’s about taking safety measures before saying a yes to cannabis exploration!

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