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Can CBD Help Your Sex Life?

A lot of things can affect your sex life. For example, certain illnesses, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, asthma, genital pain, and lack of intimacy can limit your ability to want or enjoy sex. Adjusting your lifestyle or treating underlying illnesses can help improve your sex life and, subsequently, quality of life.

CBD for Sex

Despite this, relaxing your nerves and letting go is a factor when it comes to improving your sex life. Because of this, many couples are now trying CBD for sex in order to see if they can enjoy intimacy with their partners that much more.

The Green Dragon CBD has a broad category of CBD-based products including, Canna River, Medterra, and cbdMD that can ease the tension off your body and boost your sexual experience. Here we look at how CBD can help your sex life.


CBD was first discovered over 70 years ago when scientist Roger Adams isolated it from the hemp plant, a family of cannabis.

CBD does not contain THC, which is an ingredient found in Marijuana. Typically, THC produces high and hyper-reactive effects on your body. On the other hand, CBD has a significantly calmer vibe to it.

Quite often, the most common CBD-infused products include drinks, certain foods, and beauty products.

Despite that, overconsumption of CBD-laced products can have some risks such as diarrhea, dry mouth, fatigue, and reduced appetite. If you have any underlying illness, it’s vital to discuss it with your physician before taking medication to improve your sex drive.

CBD for Sex

These days there are a wide variety of sex related CBD products on the market including personal lubricants, massage lotions, oral sprays, and edibles.

The popularity is driven by the belief that CBD can improve your sex life by boosting pleasure, putting you in the mood, and easing anxiety.

The products come in multiple flavors, and therefore, choose one that matches your preference. Most importantly, pick a product that works for you and improves your sex drive.

Below, you’ll find a short list of the benefits that can be had from using CBD during sex.

Can Trigger Lubrication

Some women experience dryness during sex which occurs mainly due to poor lubrication. Consequently, it can lead to pain and frustration during sex, which can hinder the enjoyment of sex.

Most people have resorted to CBD intimacy oil to help with lubrication, thereby easing pain during sex. In this regard, you can massage the sexual organs before sex, as this can help with foreplay.

Other than external application, a dosage of CBD products can trigger lubrication from within the body. Typically, your sexual tissues and reproduction organs are packed with cannabinoid receptors.

CBD intervenes by increasing blood flow to these tissues, enhancing sensitivity to the sexual organs. Subsequently, this triggers your body’s natural lubrication leading to painless sex.

CBD also works well in women who experience vaginal dryness during menopause.


Vaginismus or muscle spasms is a major concern in women as it can cause painful sex. It can also lead to discomfort during penetration.

CBD helps foster the relaxation of muscles that cause joint subluxation and pain. It works by relaxing your muscles, making sex more enjoyable. As well you can focus more on sexual intimacy than muscle spasms.

Improve Your Mood

As we earlier mentioned, anxiety and stress can impact your mood for sex. As well, some drugs or medications can cause low sex drive. CBD can set you up for romance by reducing any stress, distractions, and other things that can affect your enjoyment of sex.

Other Benefits (Erectile Dysfunction or ED treatment)

Other than the obvious reasons, your sex life can be significantly impacted by underlying conditions such as erectile dysfunction (ED), which can lead to low sex drive.

Over time, Cannabis sativa has been used to improve sexual performance and, in particular, help with ejaculation.

There’s no conclusive evidence of how this works. However, one theory points to the fact that the compound helps in relaxing the blood vessels, thereby promoting blood flow.

Improved blood flow can help in relieving erectile dysfunction and afterward promote a long-lasting erection.

Here is how you can incorporate CBD products for more satisfying sex;

  • Consuming edibles at least thirty minutes before sex
  • Using massage oil to promote foreplay
  • Applying lubricants to minimize dryness and increase pleasure
  • Take a few oil drops before sex to lessen the anxiety and stress.

CBD and Sex Hormones

Smoking a joint of Marijuana has been said to set the mood for sex, especially in women. However, there is some scientific theory towards this claim. Sex hormones in the human brain react with receptors which are merely messengers that transmit signals to the sexual organs.

The brain contains the cannabinoid receptor 1 or CB1, which binds to the THC. Subsequently, this triggers some mind-altering effects in receptors for progesterone or dopamine, which help in increasing pleasure during sex.

Therefore, if any of the receptors are blocked, a dose of CBD can restore your moods and spark the need for sex. In this respect, Cannabinoids interact with both dopamine and progesterone hormones to reactivate your sexuality.

Research Still In Process

Research on CBD and its effect on health or sexuality is still at the infancy stages. There’s not much research on CBD on sexual matters. However, because it lacks the factor of intoxication, it’s widely accepted as a safe product.

When it comes to administering doses, individuals are different. Depending on how low the sex drive is, you can start low and increase the dose after a couple of days.

Notably, CBD will not work like a charm if you decide to use it at the last minute. Whether you use it as a lubricant, oil, or capsule, it’s vital to plan ahead and take the medication at least thirty minutes before sexual activity.


CBD for sex is becoming an essential topic for couples seeking to improve their intimacy. Even though there’s little research on how CBD truly impacts sex, the side effects are virtually unnoticeable.

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