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Bling E-Cigarettes

Some people like to “stealth vape,” calling as little attention as possible to their e-cigarettes. Others, however, want people to look at their e-cigarettes. Maybe they love showing their latest item of “vape porn” off on the forums, or maybe they want to catch a few extra eyes when they go out during the weekend. Either way, if you like an e-cigarette with some serious bling, there are more than a few choices that might pique your interest. These bling e-cigarettes use everything from etched metal to crystals to turn an ordinary e-cigarette into something that will draw no shortage of attention.


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Bling E-Cigarettes 1Engraved Copper eGo Battery

$13.99 | Virgin Vapor | Link

Although few would consider copper a precious metal, e-cigarette designers seem to treat it that way; when researching this series of articles, I found fewer copper e-cigarette than gold ones! Out of all the copper e-cigarettes that are available for purchase, this eGo battery is my favorite. Since there’s a good chance that you already use an eGo e-cigarette or something compatible, this battery will probably be a drop-in replacement for your current e-cigarette. The lovely design is stamped directly into the copper.

Crystal-studded eGo Batteries

$19.99 | The Vapor Girl | Link Bling E-Cigarettes 2Although the names may sound similar, Vapegrl and The Vapor Girl have no connection whatsoever. These batteries use black, white and colored crystals in various batterns to add some serious bling to the otherwise drab standard eGo battery. Like the engraved copper batteries mentioned above, these are highly likely to work with your existing e-cigarette setup — and will certainly attract more positive attention than a stinky cigarette ever could.

ECM Bling E-Cigarette

$99.99 | ECM | Link Bling E-Cigarettes 3At $99.99, the ECM Bling e-cigarette isn’t cheap for an eGo kit. However, it might be the best way to go if you want an e-cigarette with bling and don’t already have a selection of eGo attachments and chargers on hand. This kit includes both cartridges and cartomizers, which might help you pick your favorite type of attachment if you’ve never used an e-cigarette before. It also includes a plain battery for those times when you don’t want to draw extra stares.

E-Cig Skin Manila

Unknown | via Facebook | Link Bling E-Cigarettes 4 I’m unable to determine whether these skins are available anywhere other than locally in Manila. If you like them, it might be worthwhile to contact the company on Facebook and see if they’ll mail products internationally. I’ve seen e-cigarette skins available as long as I’ve been e-smoking, and I never gave them a second thought until I saw these. Suffice it to say that if you own a skateboard, have any interest in Asian pop culture or own a car with more than its fair share of carbon fiber and chrome, E-Cig Skin Manila’s products will probably interest you. Their designs range from the industrial to the urban, and they are hands down the most creative e-cigarette skins I’ve found anywhere.

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