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Best Essential Oils for Calming

Stress, anxiety, restlessness, feelings of despair, and sadness. Sounds familiar? The past few months have led everyone to these problems and you are not new to these health issues either. But you should know that certain essential oils and fragrances can calm your nerves down effectively. No, you don’t have to go for an elaborate or comprehensive aromatherapy section. You can manage all your stress and anxiety in the comfort of your home by investing in the following gorgeous essential oils:

Essential Oils for Calming

Your Regular Rescuer, Lavender

Lavender is without a doubt one of the most popular essential oils. It is also used in several aromatherapy sessions across various herbal treatments. It has a very beautiful floral scent that offers a lingering woody and herbal undertone. According to an independent study, lavender oil is very effective in calming down your nerves and relieving the symptoms of anxiety.

It also has a very steady and effective sedative quality that makes it different from all other essential oils. If you are having trouble while sleeping, just put a small bottle of lavender oil in your diffuser and experience its magic.

Bergamot Oil Is Pure Enjoyment

If you are a fan of citrus fragrances, you can never say no to bergamot essential oil. It is extracted from bergamot oranges which are a hybrid of bitter orange and lemon. This oil is known to relieve even the most stubborn symptoms of anxiety and stress and can be used to elevate your mood any time of the day. It is also a very popular ingredient in several perfumes across various world-renowned brands.

You can use this oil with a cotton ball or a handkerchief and inhale its delicious fragrance while sitting in a comfortable position. If you have any pain or inflammation, this oil can be a life-changer for you. It also helps you control your bad cholesterol and possesses antimicrobial properties as well.

Get Enchanted By The Fragrance Of Kush

If you are not aware of this essential oil, it is because this fragrance is never really talked about that much. As compared to lavender, rose, jasmine, or any other essential oil, kush oil is considered rather non-traditional. But wait till you know about the various benefits of this essential oil. It has a very deep and spicy aroma that fills your surroundings with a unique richness. It has a dark brown color and its consistency is quite thick.

It has a lot of therapeutic and healing properties that can be invigorating and delicious at the same time. You can use this essential oil on your skin to make yourself smell amazing. This oil smells different on each person’s skin which makes it unique.

Vetiver Should Be Everywhere

Indeed, this fragrance should be everywhere because it is one of the most subtle scents that you will ever come across. However, it is not advised to undermine its effectiveness. It can help calm down your nervous system and improve your sleep cycle very easily.

It also helps you manage your stress and anxiety. Vetiver oil is highly popular among aromatherapy practitioners and they recommend it to be used in a diffuser and also in a diluted form when applied directly onto the skin. It has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and can boost your immunity as well. Time to fall in love with these fragrances, wouldn’t you say?

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