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Meet the New Boss: The Best Cigalike of 2019

These days, it feels like pod vaping systems get all of the love in the vaping community. Cigalikes – those friendly cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes that long-term smokers find so comforting and familiar – often seem to have fallen by the wayside. That’s especially true here in the United States. Last year, V2 Cigs – one of the largest cigalike makers – was bought by rival JUUL and promptly shut down.

In the United Kingdom, things don’t look quite so bleak for the cigalike. It’s still a completely viable product, in fact. That’s perhaps because regulations in the UK and Europe limit the maximum nicotine strength of any e-liquid product to 20 mg. Pod systems in the United States, meanwhile, contain up 50 mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid. Cigalikes just can’t compete here.

So, what are you to do if you’re a confirmed cigalike user in the United States? It might turn out that your best option is actually to buy eCigs in the UK. The folks at V2 Cigs UK – that’s a familiar name, isn’t it? – have launched the new e-cigarette brand VSAVI. It’s entirely compatible with V2 Cigs products, but it’s got a personality entirely its own. Many people are even reporting that they like the VSAVI e-cigarette even more than the V2 Cigs of old.

Best Cigalike 2019

If you’re thinking that buying your e-cigarette batteries and cartridges from an overseas seller would be prohibitively expensive, it’s actually more affordable than you might imagine. V2 Cigs UK charges no shipping fees for international orders over £99. For orders under that amount, the shipping fee is £11.95. Getting over the £99 minimum for free shipping isn’t hard if you buy your refill cartridges in bulk.

So, what makes the VSAVI e-cigarette so special?

Best Looking Cigalike on the Market

The VSAVI e-cigarette continues a tradition that V2 Cigs started several years ago. With the EX series, V2 released what was in my opinion the best cigalike ever made. There’s still nothing that looks nicer. The batteries come in five sleek colors – brushed steel, rose gold, blue pearl, matte black and opal – and each battery includes a matching cap that snaps over the cartridge. With almost every other e-cigarette on the market, the cartridges either don’t match the batteries at all, or they’re just plain white or black. The V2 Cigs EX solution for that problem is the most perfect that any e-cigarette maker has yet devised.

If you like having an elegant solution for carrying your vaping gear, I have to give special mention to the soft carrying case available at the V2 Cigs UK website. It holds three batteries, five extra cartridges and a USB charger. I’ve had the original V2 Cigs soft case for something like seven years, and it’s still in great shape. I’d definitely suggest grabbing it if you don’t like carrying a bare e-cigarette in your pocket.

Vastly Improved Cartridge Design

The basic design of the e-cigarette cartridge hasn’t really changed in years. In the typical cigalike cartridge, the e-liquid is suspended in a gauze material that’s wrapped around the cartridge’s heating coil and center air tube. The gauze takes up so much space that the cartridge can’t hold a significant amount of e-liquid. Plus, some of the e-liquid always stays in the outer layers of the gauze and is ultimately wasted.

Once again, the V2 Cigs EX solved that problem with an elegant solution that’s never been matched by other cigalikes. Each V2 Cigs EX cartridge is essentially a miniature tank. There’s no strip of gauze holding the e-liquid in place, so the cartridge holds significantly more e-liquid. There’s also no waste because gravity naturally pushes the e-liquid down to the wick at the bottom of the cartridge. You can even see how much e-liquid remains in the cartridge by looking at the window on the side.

When V2 Cigs closed down, it seemed as though it would no longer be possible to get the same kind of modern vaping experience offered by the V2 Cigs EX cartridge unless you switched to a pod system. With the VSAVI EX platform from V2 Cigs UK, though, you can once again enjoy the best cigalike vaping experience yet created.

Multiple Ways to Choose Your Own Flavor

Using pre-filled cartridges is the most convenient way to vape, but you may eventually like to branch out and try filling your own cartridges with bottled e-liquid. The V2 Cigs UK VSAVI e-cigarette is perhaps the only cigalike on the market offering no less than three different compatible cartridges that you can fill yourself.

These are the three different options.

  • Classic Blank Cartridge: This is the traditional gauze-filled cartomizer shaped like a cigarette filter. If you’re using the EX battery, the colored cap will fit over this cartridge. Learn how to fill a cartomizer.
  • EX Blank: This is a miniature tank with a twist-off mouthpiece. The EX Blank is easy to fill and produces bigger clouds than the Classic Blank cartridge. The EX cartridge cap does not fit over this cartridge.
  • Ceramic EX Blank: An upgraded version of the original EX Blank, the new Ceramic EX blank features a ceramic wick for better flavor and improved heat resistance.

What it comes to choosing your own e-liquid flavors, I recommend starting your search at the V2 Cigs UK website because the company has selected e-liquids designed to work perfectly with the VSAVI vaping system. V2 Cigs UK offers flavors just like the ones you might remember from the classic V2 Cigs lineup, and they’ve also added a number of new flavors including a nicotine salt e-liquid range that’ll deliver even greater levels of satisfaction.

The Cigalike Is Not Dead!

I’ve always recommended V2 Cigs highly on this website. When the company closed, many readers contacted me and asked me to recommend the best V2 Cigs alternative. I believe that product is the V2 Cigs UK VSAVI e-cigarette because it is essentially the same thing that you remember from V2 Cigs with a few updates – such as the new lineup of nicotine salt e-liquids – for a new generation of vapers. Plenty of people remain committed to cigalikes after all these years, and the VSAVI e-cigarette proves that the cigalike platform is alive and well. You just might need to look outside the United States if you want the best product.

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