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Best Advice on Smoking Pot for the First Time

On January 1st, 2017, smoking marijuana for recreational purposes became legal in the state of Nevada. Since then, people can purchase and use it whenever, wherever and however they like. Right now, Nevada is not the only state enabling access to cannabis.

Advice Smoking Pot First Time

If you live in Nevada or any other state where smoking pot is legal, chances are you have already tried it. However, if you haven’t done it, you might be considering going to one of the numerous pot shops in Las Vegas or anywhere else to supply yourself with the desired product and necessary utensils. But you should know a few things first.

The human encounter with marijuana dates back at least as far as 2700 BC. The first plants were probably grown somewhere in Asia. It was definitely the Chinese who were using cannabis for medicinal purposes almost 5000 years ago. Back then, people didn’t use marijuana to get enjoyably high but treated it as a herb. In North America, the cultivation of cannabis dates back to the first colonists, who grew it to produce textiles and rope.

Since then, the social approach to the subject of cannabis has been changing intensively – from weed being illegal and considered inappropriate to the legalization movement, speaking up about its health benefits, and treating smoking as a leisure activity.

However, just because it is legal in many places does not mean smoking pot is entirely safe. It surely is much safer than back in the day when it was distributed illegally among hippies, and you couldn’t know the source or quality of the products. Nevertheless, cannabis smokers should remain cautious when it comes to what they are using and the potential consequences it might have on them.

If you are one of those who haven’t tried weed yet but feel like they would like to, here are some useful tips on what to do and how to prepare to get the most out of the experience.

Choose the Right People

Rule number one is that weed works better when smoked together, especially if you smoke for the first time. No matter if you wish to experience an ultimate feeling of relaxation, or an insane boost of emotions, smoking pot with someone will make the event much better.

If possible, choose a friend who is not a novice. Should both of you smoke weed for the first time, you may have issues managing the new situation. An experienced cannabis user will gladly teach you how to roll a blunt, tell you the best proportions to mix for your first smoke, and show you how to inhale properly.

Moreover, a person who has smoked marijuana before may have some personal experiences and knowledge to share that will make the first-time-smoking ritual the one to remember.

Find a Safe Space

Sharing a smoke at a party with friends is fine unless it is the first joint ever you are smoking.

Finding a safe place will make you feel more comfortable and at ease in the new situation. Places you might consider appropriate for your first time smoking weed are:

  • your house,
  • your best friend’s house,
  • your car (however, you shouldn’t drive after smoking pot, especially during your first time),
  • a cannabis coffee shop if there is one in your area.

Have Food Delivery App Prepared

One of the most common side effects of smoking cannabis is being extremely hungry. You might want to taste flavors you usually don’t like, for example, something very sweet or extremely spicy. The most annoying thing that can happen in such situations is not being able to eat what you want to eat, the exact moment you want it.

Surely, you might buy some foods beforehand, just in case, and try to cook them later. However, the chances are that a dish prepared while being high will not be a Gordon Ramsay style meal.

That is why having a food delivery app, such as Uber Eats, downloaded on your smartphone is a great idea.

Prepare Not To Get High

If this is the first time you are smoking pot, you may not feel the effects. You can’t know if your body will absorb THC normally. It may be that you are less susceptible to it than other people, your chosen product was of poor quality, or you miscalculated the dosage.

But don’t get discouraged if you don’t get high immediately. Remember that practice makes perfect.


When you smoke for the first time, you are likely to enjoy the experience. The weed tastes best when it is smoked in the company of friends, in a safe place, with no scheduled appointments the next day.

You should know that smoking weed for the first time may result in some coughing and the irritation of a throat. However, this effect should not last long.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, but you haven’t tried it yet, consider going to the local dispensary and getting some weed for the next Friday chill!

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