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4 Different Twelve Monkeys Flavors to Try

E-juice companies are always looking to introduce the best products to their customers. They have noticed that many of their customers are looking for unique flavours and high-quality products, especially when it comes to e-juice. That’s why Twelve Monkeys exist.

Twelve Monkeys E Juice Flavors

Twelve Monkeys is different because it’s made in Canada. They are made with carefully selected ingredients, including high-grade nicotine and USP grade vegetable glycerin. As a result, customers often rave about the smooth experience they get with 12 monkeys’ e-juice lines.

The company is known for its fruity and tropical flavours. Here are four that you should try if that fits what you’re looking for:

  1. Circle of Life

Circle of Life is an e-juice that’s made with the luscious taste of pear. It has a very bright flavour that is sweet but still has a complex flavour. If you are a cloud chaser that enjoys a big burst of overwhelming flavour, this is the perfect e-juice for you. It’s like tasting every aspect of the pear from its golden skin, its slight tartness, to its juicy core.

  1. Jungle Secrets

If you’re tired of the same old e-juice flavours, then Jungle Secrets is the 12 monkeys e-juice that you definitely have to try. It has a mix of mango and lychee that is combined to bring out the best of both flavours. The result is a combination of sweet mango with bright yet subtle lychee notes.

Combining the tropical mango flavour and uncommon lychee flavour creates a complex flavour profile that adds depth to a tropical fruit many already know about. The lychee uplifts the mango and mellows out the tart aspect of the mango without overwhelming its sweetness.

  1. Hakuna

Do you like flavours that keep you guessing? Do you want a taste that you can’t get sick of after using it for a few weeks? If so, then the Hakuna e-juice is perfect for you. The team from Twelve Monkeys carefully selected the flavours Fuji Apples, Granny Smith apples, and cranberries.

The result is a blend of sweet and tart flavours that keep your taste buds intrigued and stimulated every single time. Hakuna also pairs well with Matata. Matata is a blend of cold grapes and apples, so you have the contrast created by a sweeter flavour while having a common taste to bridge them together.

  1. Queen Soko

Queen Soko is another fruit blend that can keep you interested. It is a mix of fresh strawberries mix with lemon citrus. You get that excellent strawberry fragrance that many people love. But the strawberry flavour can be a little too much for some people.

That’s why it’s mixed with lemon, so that it’s not overwhelming. It cuts through the strawberry and adds a refreshing element so that you don’t get sick of the strawberry flavour. Queen Soko is a favourite of many Twelve Monkeys customers, and if you like strawberry, you can bet it’s going to win you over.

Honourable Mentions:

Another that you want to try from the company’s line is the Kanzi. It combines the flavours of strawberries, watermelon, and kiwi for a refreshing tropical flavour profile. Even the most discerning connoisseur will be able to notice the distinct characteristics and how they come together. And as mentioned before, if you like Hakuna, be sure to try out Matata for the perfect pairing.

These are some of the Twelve Monkeys flavours you have to try. If you like tropical-flavoured e-juices or have always been curious, you can go wrong with the company’s products. Their products have won several industry awards and are a favourite among many vaping enthusiasts.

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